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DEHN Safety Equipments.

DEHN Safety Equipments

Safetrack Engineers Pvt. Ltd. provides complete range of DEHN safety equipment to ensure human safety . DEHN + SOHNE  produces more than 3500 devices and components to assure safety  . DEHN product protects human life and material assets with complete range of safety equipments .

DEHN complete safety equipments range includes :-

  • Voltage Detector and Voltage Detection System
  • Phase Comparators
  • Operating Rods
  • Insulating Protective Shutters
  • Earthing and Short Circuiting Devices
  • Equipments for Live Cleaning
  • Protective Suits , Helmet , Hand Gloves

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Atoot Pin Brazing Products

We have indigenously developed ATOOT products for different type of signalling and earth bonds.

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External Lightning Protection System

We have complete range of DEHN-SOHNE  products for external lightning protection as per IEC 62305 global standards.

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Surge Protection Devices

We provide range of DEHN + SOHNE  surge protection devices for wide range of applications in Railway , Telecom Industry , Wind Mills , Solar Power Plant , Oil and gas , Defence.

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We have vast experience in working with small and large size projects specially in Indian Railways with a proven track record .

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We can access all your requirements and our team is well quipped to provide you best solution at affordable cost .

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We work in hand with our peers to provide servicing for our products .

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